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Helpful Hints

All the information you need is here to make your travel adventure the best ever!

1. Check your travel documents. Be sure all dates, names, and vouchers are correct. Please be sure to take these vouchers with you as that is how your hotel, transfer operator, and excursions have proof that you paid.

2. Check with your airline carrier on baggage rules and fees. Also, when you are packing your suitcases put some of each other’s belongings in each suitcase. This will help if a suitcase is lost.

3. Watch for people trying to sell you timeshares. This is especially true in Mexico. They dress in what looks like official clothing. They will offer you something free, but you can waste an entire day seeing a condo complex that they will hard-sell you to buy.

4. Do notify your credit card company that you will be traveling out of the country and what is the exchange rate on that country's currency.

5. For all inclusive resorts you will not need to carry much cash. It is a good idea to bring some $1’s for any extra tipping you may want to do. Again, the best way to pay for souvenirs and other purchases in a foreign country is by credit card.

6. Check with your cell phone company, sometimes they can offer you an international rate. At the very least, check the pricing to call or receive calls in that foreign country.

7. If you have not flown recently, we advise you to look at for the most current security information. The site will tell you what you can carry on along with all your questions regarding airport security. Also, the Real ID Act goes into effect May 3 , 2023. Make sure that your ID is compliant before that date.

8. Make a copy of your passport and put it in a separate place from your other documents in case you lose your passport. This will help you if you need to get another passport while in that foreign country.

9. Place a list of medications you take with the dosages with your other documents along with a list of any allergies to foods or medications. If you have a current immunization record - carry that with you also.

10. Check with your health insurance provider on whether you are covered in the country you are visiting; if not consider travel insurance. Most travel insurance has a medical policy with it.

11. Pick up a business card at the hotel where you are staying. You may need a non-English taxi driver or if you get lost it will help for someone to see the address.

12. Take a picture of your luggage and keep it with a copy of your passport – this will help if luggage is lost. Also, pack a flight itinerary in your suitcase because this can also expedite you connecting with any lost luggage.

13. Check out some of the great travel apps that are available. I like Sit or Squat, WiFi Finder, I Translate and Flight Stats.

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