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Today we drove out on the peninsula on which Reykjavik is located. Our first stop was a foot bridge that allows you to walk across the continental divide from Europe to North America (or rather the tectonic plates from Eurasia to North America).

On our way to the next geothermal area, we saw something that made me SUPER excited…. what could it be??

Sheep!!!! They made my whole week and made up for the sad fact that we did NOT see the Northern Lights.

The second geothermal area was amazing! The water was cloudy from the sulfur, and the foot paths were slippery from the steam freezing. The colors were incredible, and it smelled just like when we take showers!!

Lastly, as I stated before we did NOT see the Northern lights. Although the skies were finally clear tonight, we had a full moon, making the sky way too bright to see. So, although we flew across the earth to cross that off the bucket list, the view of them must be waiting for us at a new destination in a new adventure.

Tomorrow we head home after last minute shopping and visiting the whale museum.

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